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Apple Released The iOS 16.1 Public Beta 2

by William Linden

The new public beta of Apple’s iOS 16.1 is the same software as the developer beta it brings new features to the iPhone and it also comes with some performance improvements and bug fixes.

Apple will present a range of features in the iOS 16.1 software update that was missed from the iOS 16 release earlier this month.

This will come with the ability to delete the wallet app, you will have the option to either delete it entirely or remove it from the Home Screen.

There is also a new Clean Energy Charging, you can select this when using your device and it will try to charge it when lower carbon electricity is available, this will apparently be available in the USA.

The update will also come with new features for the Lock Screen and Home Screen, this has been updated to make it easier to customize the Home Screen from the same menu as the Lock Screen.

The new iOS 16.1 public beta 2 is now available to try, you will need to be a member of Apple’s public beta testing program to try it out, you can find out more information at the link below.

Source: Apple

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