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Apple Maps Will Show COVID-19 Testing Locations in the US

by ZeeshanN

Coronavirus hit hard around the world and Apple, Google and other tech companies are trying to give everyone more information that may help them out during the pandemic.

Apple is making some adjustments to its Apple Maps app in the US, the company will soon start to show COVID-19 testing locations.

Apple has now started an online portal which is intended to be used by healthcare company’s, testing labs and more. These companies will be able to register their testing facility with Apple.

Apple will then examine the testing facility and then attach it to Apple Maps, the new system will work in a comparable way to Apple Connect for businesses, although it will only be for testing locations.

You can find out more information about this new feature over at Apple’s website by clicking the link below, it will only be available in the US, it is not clear on whether this will be available in countries outside US.

Source: AppleMacRumors


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