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Apple HomePod 2 Review Video

by William Linden

Apple launched the HomePod 2, the gadget has a very similar design to the original HomePod, although it did get some little hardware updates.

This model gets built-in temperature and humidity sensors that are also available in the HomePod Mini, they also come with a new Sound Recognition feature that can listen for alarms.

The HomePod 2 can listen for alarms from smoke detectors, carbon detectors, and carbon monoxide sensors, it will then send the notifications to your iPhone.

Leveraging our audio expertise and innovations, the new HomePod delivers rich, deep bass, natural mid-range, and clear, detailed highs,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “With the popularity of HomePod mini, we’ve seen growing interest in even more powerful acoustics achievable in a larger HomePod. We’re thrilled to bring the next generation of HomePod to customers around the world.”

The new HomePod is slightly cheaper than the original device, although it is still expensive for a smart speaker and it retails at $299 in the USA and for £299 in the UK.

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