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Apple AirPods Pro Vs Beats Powerbeats Pro

by ZeeshanN

The new PowerBeats Pro headphones are here and I have to say they look and perform better than the previous model and with the recent release of Apple’s AirPods Pro, Today we have a comparison video of Apple AirPods Pro Vs Beats Powerbeats Pro.

MacRumors have made an informative video comparing Apple AirPods Pro vs Beats Powerbeats Pro, let’s find out how the two headphones compare and which will win the crown.

Both the PowerBeats Pro and the AirPods Pro will cost you the same $249 price, the new Airpods do have some cool features like Transparency which the Beats do not have. The battery is bigger on the PowerBeats Pro so you may want to think about that, it is a tough match, which one you prefer?

Source & Image Credit: MacRumors

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