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APEX LEGENDS Chaos Theory Collection Event Later This Month

by ZeeshanN

Apex Legends is coming out on the Nintendo Switch on March 9 and to commemorate EA and Respawn Entertainment will be treating the fans with the Chaos Theory Collection Event. This in-game event will run March 9-23 and celebrate the murderous scientist of the Outlands, Caustic to usher in some modifications to the battle royale game. Check out all the details on the official blog post.

In the beginning, Caustic Town Takeover at Caustic Treatment. This is a new mousetrap complete with high-quality loot for anyone ready to try their hand for a bit of cheese. To obtain the loot, you’ll need to remove toxic liquid from the center of the facility. Each time you take it out, you’ll get brief access to 4 gold items.

After this, Ring Fury Escalation Takeover is a new game type. In RFET, there are 1+ Ring Flares on the map that will increase as time goes by and damage any players caught within. HeatShields are a new item that players can use to briefly protect themselves from the rings. It should be seen that these Heat Shields will have a place in a new Survival Slot to not take up a slot for normal loot.

A new rewards system has introduced that track for the Chaos Theory Collection Event with new earnable cosmetics which include legendary Kraber and EVA-8 weapon skins. There are also new daily rewards and challenges. Fans will even be able to enjoy a new set of 24 themed cosmetics that are limited to the event. All 24 items will be available through direct buy using Apex Coins or Crafting Metals as well as through Event Apex Packs during the event. If you get all 24, you’ll get the Bangalore heirloom which will be available to everyone via heirloom crafting after the event.

Lastly, No-Fill Matchmaking. This means you can uncheck the Fill Teammates box and then you and your friends will not be joined by anyone else from the outside world. Feel like playing Trios with your friends? Go for it. This may not be the most perfect way to play. This new option will not be available in Ranked play and only 6 potential No-Fill players will be allowed into any game match.

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