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Ana de Armas joins a Spanish class in ‘SNL’ sketch

by William Linden
Ana de Armas

Last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live brought together three Spanish-speaking performers, host Ana de Armas, guest musician Karol G, and cast member Marcello Hernández, in a hilarious sketch set in a language class. In the sketch, Mikey Day plays the role of a language teacher who is struggling to maintain control of his class as Armas and Hernández show off their impressive Spanish skills, leaving him feeling more and more frustrated.

The sketch struck a chord with many bilingual viewers, who could relate to the experience of trying to earn a language credit to graduate. It was particularly satisfying to see Armas and Hernández, both of whom are native Spanish speakers, confidently take over the class and leave Day flustered and overwhelmed.

The sketch was a testament to the importance of representation and inclusivity on television, as well as the power of humor to bring people together. By showcasing the talents of its diverse cast, SNL continues to demonstrate its commitment to reflecting the many voices and perspectives that make up our society.

“That was a little fast, that was a little fast por me,” Day says after asking the two for their names.

As the class continues, the two Spanish speakers correct Day on how elementary his knowledge of the language is.

“Yeah just so you know, no one in our country says ‘aci aci’,” Armas tells Day.

“No that’s like if somebody says ‘how are you?’ and then you say ‘that, that’,” Hernández says.

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