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Affordable Space 3D Printer from $499

by ZeeshanN

SPACE 3D is a pocket-friendly SLA 3D printer that offers a build volume of 215 x 135 x 200mm and it starts from $499 or roughly £385. It is released via Kickstarter this week. If production progresses without any hurdles worldwide shipping is expected to start from February 2020.

SLA 3D printer

“When it comes to desktop 3D printing, most printers have been limited to cheaper and less sophisticated systems that use the FDM printing process. Although simple in design and inexpensive, these types of printers have limitations that affect print quality. The process is prone to errors in both resolution and accuracy that results in models that have rough edges and lack detail.”

“For the best model detail and quality, the SLA printing method is essential because it creates smooth curves and incredibly precise finished 3D models. However, until recently high quality SLA 3D printers were impractical due to their high cost and difficult learning curve.”

SLA 3D printer

“A limiting factor of any 3D printer is speed. The printing speed of SPACE 3D reaches 40mm/h, which is about twice as fast as the other large-size 3D printers in its class. With SPACE 3D you can build more, faster than ever. Accuracy and precision are the key to 3D printing success. SPACE 3D delivers with XY resolution of 85μm and Z resolution of 10μm and layer thickness of 25-100μm – much better than previous 3D printers. The result is highly accurate models with smooth, detailed finishes.”

Source: Kickstarter

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