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A TALE OF PAPER Which is a PS4 Exclusive Reveal New Details

by ZeeshanN

The game is a winner of the V PlayStation Talents Awards, A Tale of Paper, has announced a possible boss that we can expect to face in the game. While the developers, Open House Games, may not be intending to make this a boss scene, the intense view of it and the truth that our little hero, Line, is running from it says otherwise. The teaser below and this new screenshot makes it hard to know that it doesn’t have an official release date but it will come later this year.

if you don’t know about the A Tale of Paper yet, it is a 2D platform-adventure game that offers free roam which is similar to that of Little Nightmares. Instead of power-ups, this game will have gamers solve their way over barriers in a puzzle-like manner. This is done by having the player use origami. Each form you turn into works one primary function, such as higher jumps as a frog at the cost of the ability to walk or run.

The Open House Games team also revealed what players can expect when they get into the game.

“A Tale of Paper’s slow-paced and deep gameplay is what makes it special. We mix puzzles and platforming but we also throw in some suspense and bits and pieces of walking simulation in this mix.”

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