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A Powerful New Civilization Unveiled in the STAR WARS Universe Older Than Jedi

by William Linden
Star Wars The Bad Batch

Star Wars: The Bad Batch has been producing some amazing content, and in the episode “Entombed,” audiences are treated to an Indiana Jones-style adventure as Phee and the Bad Batch team find themselves exploring the ruins of a legendary site known as the Skara Nal.

The site is thought to house a treasure known as the Heart of the Mountain, and as the team is exploring the ruin, they have to solve puzzles and avoid traps that had been set up to protect the treasure. It’s a really fun episode, and it also reveals a new civilization in the Star Wars universe that pre-dates the Jedi.

The Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic have been around for approximately 25,000 years. But, this civilization, which Phee calls the Ancients, pre-dates that, and they could have possibly been even more powerful! The Heart of the Mountain treasure belonged to the Ancients.

Tech confirms this information when he dates the site as being built before the founding of the Republic, which was based around the same time as the Jedi Order.

As for the Ancient technology, there was an ancient mecha-robot walker that was created by the ancients that ends up going on a rampage after the Heart of the Mountain is taken. When Tech puts it back, the walker is disabled.

I’m very fascinated by the Ancients. There are no other details revealed, but I would love to see a series of stories exploring that ancient Star Wars civilization!

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