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A Cannon Group Movies From the ’80s Are Now Streaming on Amazon Prime

These films became available as part of Amazon's acquisition of MGM's library.

by William Linden

A treasure trove of delightfully entertaining B-movies from the 1980s, courtesy of the Cannon Group, has made its way onto Amazon Prime Video for your viewing pleasure. These films became available as part of Amazon’s acquisition of MGM’s library, and they offer a nostalgic trip back to an era of cinema known for its explosive action, iconic heroes, and unique storytelling.

The Cannon Group was a prolific production company, and their legacy is intertwined with the careers of legendary action stars like Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson. They also ventured into the world of big-budget blockbusters with films like “Masters of the Universe” and “Superman IV: Quest for Peace.”

However, it’s important to note that Cannon wasn’t without its share of critics. The company often faced backlash for the perceived low quality of some of its films. They had a reputation for launching extensive advertising campaigns and even pre-selling movies before they were fully developed, occasionally resulting in rushed or substandard productions. The company’s ambitious expansion plans, which included attempts to produce larger and more expensive high-profile films, eventually led to financial troubles.

As the late 1980s rolled around, Cannon Group’s financial difficulties began to mount, and the company began to crumble. This tumultuous period ultimately culminated in Cannon’s sale and eventual dissolution in the 1990s.

Yet, despite its challenges and shortcomings, The Cannon Group made an indelible mark on the film industry. It represents a distinct era in Hollywood filmmaking, characterized by its unapologetic embrace of over-the-top action, larger-than-life heroes, and a fearless willingness to experiment with various genres and concepts.

For fans of 1980s action cinema, The Cannon Group remains a beloved part of cinematic history, and their films continue to attract a dedicated cult following. So, whether you’re in the mood for martial arts mayhem, intergalactic adventures, or gritty crime dramas, dive into these Cannon classics on Amazon Prime Video and enjoy a blast from the past.

The Cannon Group, despite its mixed reputation in the film industry, certainly delivered a unique and unforgettable array of movies. Here are a few notable favorites from their collection:

  1. American Ninja Series: The American Ninja series featuring Michael Dudikoff as Joe Armstrong is a cult classic in the martial arts action genre. It’s a thrilling ride filled with ninja battles and high-octane action sequences.
  2. Masters of the Universe: While it may not have been a box office hit, this live-action adaptation of the popular He-Man and the Masters of the Universe franchise has a special place in the hearts of ’80s kids. The battle between He-Man and Skeletor is a nostalgic memory for many.
  3. Runaway Train: This intense thriller starring Jon Voight and Eric Roberts received critical acclaim and earned Oscar nominations. The story of two escaped convicts trapped on a runaway train is a gripping and suspenseful ride.
  4. Powaqqatsi: As a part of the “Qatsi Trilogy,” this visually stunning documentary explores the impact of technology and industrialization on society and the environment. It’s a thought-provoking cinematic experience.
  5. Sword Of The Valiant: Transporting viewers to the mythical world of Camelot, this film offers a unique take on the Arthurian legend, with Sean Connery’s portrayal of the Green Knight being a standout performance.
  6. Detective School Dropouts: If you enjoy offbeat, comedic adventures, this film about inept detectives stumbling their way through a case is a lighthearted and fun watch.
  7. Red Riding Hood: This reimagining of the classic fairy tale is an interesting twist on the original story, blending fantasy and adventure in a magical forest setting.
  8. The Naked Cage: A gritty and dramatic portrayal of life in a women’s prison, this film explores the harsh realities faced by its characters, making it a compelling watch.

These Cannon Group movies, despite their flaws and quirks, have left an indelible mark on cinematic history and continue to be cherished by fans of ’80s cinema and cult classics. Whether you’re in the mood for action, fantasy, or thought-provoking documentaries, there’s something in their eclectic library for everyone to enjoy.

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