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5 Best Retro Mobile Games And An Incredible Infographic

by William Linden
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Believe it or not, if you have a smartphone then you must have played Candy Crush, one way or another. It doesnt matter what Reddit threads say about “dirty casuals” who get in mobile games for some simple fun, you are here with us, a perfect and completely Gamer, Welcome to the club buddy!

There are some gaming markets that are very controversial when it comes to microtransactions in the mobile gaming market. But keep that issue aside, there are many many games to download from the App Store and on Google Play, no matter what phone you use, there are games for you to play, no matter you are on the commute or just warming the couch. These games range from free, to one-time rate, to, yes, some with microtransaction systems and even some with nonstop ads, which is not always a bad model for developers. And in this time of the pandemic, you don’t need a reason to take your mind off the world and the things going around, Here we have a very cool infographic to help you pick out a retro game for yourself, thanks to Betway blog, and from here you can download a Betway App for some fun on the go. Check out the infographic below.


If you’re stuck somewhere or you are during a commute, and you want to kill some time and don’t want to scroll through the endless feeds of social media apps, Check these 5 top games for the best mobile games that you can play in this incredible year of 2020, from retro games to newly released games. Here are some of our favourite.


This is one awesome game of sandbox, it is the most iconic pixelated builder, It took the gaming world and streaming apps by storm and it is available on your phone. And just like Fortnite and other multiplayer games, it enables cross-play, which means if you want to play with your buddies who might be on PS4, Xbox, or PC, you can certainly do that as well with this game, which is extremely cool. Now, Minecraft will cost you $6.99, and while that’s usually more than people want to spend on a game for a smartphone, it’s not a lot for this title at all, it will give you tons of playability. Minecraft is one of the most amazing game, it is a game with you will have a peaceful relaxation time, especially if you play in creative mode. You won’t miss the real world playing this awesome game.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a wonderful game that will broaden your vocabulary but at the time it is frustrating as well and a reason to end friendships and challenge your opponents of every type of cheating known to man. The game helps players to use only polite language while using the app, which is funny. It’s a nice way to feel a bit more connected to your friends, especially in these times of social isolation.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the most hit game the mobile market has ever seen, simply because it is simple to play and a lot of fun when it was first introduced, it was a global sensation and a stepping stone for mobile games. It was designed to play on short bursts and for the time when you don’t have much time to play, Angry Birds is simple and seriously addictive– Just throw a bird with the on-screen slingshot to destroy the structure and kill the evil pigs, that is it. That is all you have to do to beat the stress.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga comes with a unique take on the match-three game type made famous by Bejeweled. It is quite a simple game to learn and very addictive once you get started, there is no way you can stop it once you start on playing, so play it when you have time and road to kill. The game is very addictive as it gets frustrating. The game is quite east to start off, but soon gets very hard to play and it gets very challenging very fast. The bad thing about this game is that you keep on getting Facebook messages and requests from friends.

Hay Day

This is the game from this list I spent my time most playing, Hay Day is the best farming simulation game on the market, trust me it is the best. It got 100mil downloads on the Google Play store and regularly get an active user base in the millions and the game is not new by any standard it is more than 5 years old but it keeps on updating and keep the fun alive, but now it has so many things to do that it get tedious for some and you spend too much time on it. In competitive environment genre which was once dominated by FarmVille the game standard and user growth of Hay Day is a marvel on its own and this is not it the production quality and gameplay mechanics are top notch and you appreciate all the little graphics and details of the game.

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