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30 People Having A Worse Christmas Day Than You

by ZeeshanN

For me Christmas day is supposed to be the best day of the year, It is when nothing could go wrong when you’re spending some quality time with your family, opening presents and hoping for something useful that you’ve got with your tummy stuffed with gourmet foods. Well, as with everything in life, not even the Christmas time is safe from being ruined by some amazing fails and changing into the bad day ever.

Thanks, Aunt!

My Parents Made My Wife A Stocking For Christmas

Those Crazy Kids Messing With The Neighbor's Merry Christmas Decoration

Well, There Goes Christmas Lunch

Merry Christmas

Starting Christmas On The Wrong Foot

Brand New Christmas Decorations, Dog Did Not Approve

The Holiday Season Means Bottomless Egg Nog

Christmas Dinner Is Ruined

I Was Putting Up Christmas Lights On My Roof A While Back When This Happened...

Neighbor Just Tried To Throw His Christmas Tree From The Balcony. Not Sure Where It Should’ve Landed Ideally

I Ummmm... Uhhhhh... Merry Christmas!

I Bought My Dog An Advent Calender, Who Then Explored All 24 Days Of Christmas While I Was Pumping Gas

Christmas Toy, Meet Dog’s Water Bowl. Dog’s Water Bowl, Meet Christmas Toy

I Forgot About The Chicken

Hid The Ham From The Dog In The Oven. On A Plastic Carving Tray. Turned The Oven On To Preheat For The Roast Turkey

Why The Wife Says We Can No Longer Have A Real Christmas Tree

Let’s Skip Christmas This Year

Got An Interesting Package In The Mail Today. I Have No Idea Who Sent It... Merry Christmas I Guess

Found On Snapchat. Someone Got A Great Christmas Present

Christmas Disaster Bad Enough, The Dog Took Down The Tree. He Ate His Bed As Well

Yep, This Just Happened! Very Lucky To Have No Injuries, Just Shattered About My Christmas Ham, Haha

So... This Is What Happened To My Real Tree This Year. Not A Needle Left On When We Heaved Her Out The Back Door

Got A Eucalyptus Tree For Christmas

Merry Christmas To Me! My Secret Pal Gift At Work Included Live Roaches And Roach Droppings

Enjoy Your Special Christmas Waffles, Kids!

My Christmas Present

One Of My Girlfriend's Gifts Arrived Like This Just Days Before Christmas...



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