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15 Hidden Locations In Fallout 4 You Didn’t Know Existed

by William Linden

Despite being released several years ago, Fallout 4 continues to hold numerous secret and elusive places that the average player may not be aware of. These hidden gems range from subtle references to other works of fiction to peculiar rooms and locations that boast unique game mechanics.

Immersed within the expansive world of Fallout 4, there exist countless such areas waiting to be discovered. However, the ones presented in this list stand out either due to their captivating nature or their relative obscurity among dedicated fans. For those who have not delved into the game for some time, it may be worth firing it up once again and embarking on a journey to explore these lesser-known and enigmatic hidden locations firsthand. With each step taken, an adventure unfolds, offering a fresh perspective and a chance to unravel the mysteries that lie within.




15Spectacle Island

Fallout 4 Spectacle Island

Once home to an eccentric billionaire who built himself a mansion on the private island, Spectacle Island is located off the coast of Boston near Warwick homestead. The island is one of the sites in Fallout 4 that can be claimed as a settlement, but players will have to put some work into it as it’s relatively well hidden and harder to access.

To unlock the settlement and claim their loot, players will have to make their way through highly irradiated water (which can kill the player), and then beat a Mirelurk queen and Mirelurk hunters in an intense battle.

14Handy Eats

Fallout 4 Handy Eats

Handy Eats is about as close as Fallout 4 gets to a classic American diner, with a twist (of course). Located in the General Atomics Galleria, the unmarked Handy Eats is a diner where the staff is made up entirely of robots and the customers are old skeletons.

The most notable part of this diner is definitely the robot waiters and cook, but players will also be able to get the fishing tournament ad loot. Be warned, it is not recommended to eat here.

13Shanty Store

Fallout 4 Shanty Store

South of the Coastal Cottage, the Shanty Store is a trading store unlike other trading stores in Fallout 4. The elevated shack sells scrap, general goods, and ammo and is owned and run by Leonard Moore and his companion Jangles, the moon monkey.

Players might be tempted to take over and use Leonard’s living quarters, but these are marked as owned and cannot be used.

12Suffolk County Charter School

Fallout 4 Suffolk County Charter School

The Sutton County Charter School is one of the hidden locations in Fallout 4 that has a particularly morbid history. The Principal of the school, Jackie Hudson, agreed to allow the government to experiment on the students with their Nutritional Alternative Paste Program (NAPP)without the consent of the families, which ended up making them pinker in complexion.

This experiment is why the ghouls on the school grounds are bright pink, and also why they pack a harder punch than other ghouls – so be prepared for a fight.

11Titanic Float

Fallout 4 Titanic Float

Found near the Nucleus shipwreck in Far Harbor, this hidden location is a nod to one of the most famous movies of all time. The Titanic Float features a floating door with two skeletons that are recreating the moment from The Titanic where Rose and Jack grip each other before Jack sinks into the freezing ocean.

Though players won’t find any interesting loot at this hidden location, if they’re an avid film fan it’s a must-visit. Maybe players can decide for themselves whether there was enough space for both of them?

10Dunwich Borers

fallout 4 dunwich borers altar flashback

While this location isn’t necessarily considered hidden as it is marked on the map, the Dunwich Borers reveal more and more secret pathways the further players explore them.

The marble quarry, located East of The Slog, leads straight underground where players will encounter dangers and hazards galore. If players manage to defeat the endless onslaught of enemies, they may find the remains of a cult.

9Cranberry Island Shed

Fallout 4 Cranberry Island Shed

This hidden location is not the most exciting on this list, but it will be very useful if players are looking for crafting supplies. The small supply shed is located on the Cranberry Island bog in Far Harbor and absolutely filled to the brim with crafting supplies.

Players will need to follow the clues for the quest ‘The Hunt for Loot’ to find the key to accessing the bunker and beware of any mirelurks that spawn nearby.


Fallout 4 Carhenge

There are many car-henges in real life, but the one in Fallout 4 takes the cake. It’s located near Walden Pond and is a recreation of Stonehenge using rusted cars. There’s no telling if this structure was built before or after the blast, but it’s a great easter egg.

Even more amusing is that a super mutant behemoth lives in it as if alluding to the supposed supernatural rumors regarding the real Stonehenge. So, if players plan on visiting this location in the game, they better be prepared for a tough fight.

7Parking Garage Dungeon

Fallout 4 Parking Garage Dungeon

Known in-game as the Milton Parking Garage located near the Milton General Hospital. This massive structure was taken over by a psychopath who rigged the entire place to be one giant maze full of traps. There are notes inside from the deranged individual discussing the place, and there are a number of bodies the player can discover.

At the end of this twisted dungeon is a series of rooms filled with valuable loot. The player must choose wisely, however, as, once they’ve made their choice, the other rooms are destroyed.

6The Rocket Shack

Fallout 4 Rocket Shack

Perhaps the best-known secret is by far the most interesting. Near Relay Tower 0BB-915 is a mysterious shack on a cliff. Inside, players can find the top floor houses three launchers and a stash of explosive tanks.

Someone rigged the launchers to hurl the tanks out into the wilderness, causing decent-sized explosions. It’s not clear if this was for defensive purposes, mindless fun, or if the person was just insane, but it does make for a fun distraction while players are completing quests.

5Crashed UFO

Fallout 4 Crashed UFO

Near the ruins of Somerville is a surprising discovery that has the Commonwealth’s conspiracy theorists buzzing. If players explore the area off the road, they’ll find a UFO that has crashed into a field. The craft itself is little more than something to look at, but players that notice the green blood can track it to a nearby cave.

Inside is a wounded and hostile alien who shoots at the player with a powerful weapon. For players that manage to kill the alien, they’ll obtain the Alien Blaster, a powerful energy pistol with some of the rarest ammunition in the entire game.

4Cat Cabin

Fallout 4 Crazy Cat Cabin

Another location near Walden’s Pond is a plain-looking cabin with an unsettling secret inside. The entire cabin is filled with cats and pictures of cats. It’s unclear what happened to the cat lady that used to live here, but the cats have apparently been doing fine since the bombs fell.

Other than the shiver that runs down one’s spine from seeing the cats everywhere, there’s not really a reason to visit this cabin. Some players opt to clear out this abominable place for the good of mankind, but it’s up to the player.

3Jaws Boat

Fallout 4 Orca

Known as the FV Orca, this boat is located in the bay west of Salem. It’s the wreckage of a small fishing vessel with the skeleton of the captain and the body of a large sea creature inside. The scene is a reference to the iconic moment from the movie Jaws when the boat captain Samuel Quint is eaten by the monstrous shark.

Another fun fact is that this creature was meant to be included in a massive underwater section of the game that was cut before the game’s final release.

2Treasure Of Jamaica Plain

Fallout 4 Jamaica Plain

This is perhaps the most underwhelming or most exciting location in the game depending on the player’s playstyle. Jamaica Plain is a mysterious town found in the Commonwealth that houses a secret treasure room in the basement of the Town Hall. Many adventurers have died trying to access this supposed wealth.

If players bypass the numerous traps and turrets, they’ll discover a museum of pre-war relics, many of which have been degraded and not worth much. If the player happens to be a melee fighter then the 2076 World Series Baseball Bat should be of interest to them. Take it for a couple of swings and it’s easy to see why.

1Ug-Qualtoth’s Cavern

Fallout 4 Ug-Qualtoth

Easily the most interesting location in the entire game is the secret location known as Ug-Qualtoth’s Cavern. This mysterious location is a reference to the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. In fact the building it’s found under, Dunwich Borer is a reference to his short story The Dunwich Horror.

This cavern is where swampfolk commit ritual sacrifice to a cosmic entity known as Ug-Qualtoth. The blade used in these sacrifices, Kremvh’s Tooth, can be found on the altar and is considered one of the best melee weapons in the game. Just don’t delve too deep into this mysterious location, or players may go mad.

Fallout 4 is available now on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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