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10 New Things Your iPhone Can Do in This Week’s iOS 17.4 Update

by William Linden
iOS 17.4

Apple is gearing up to unveil iOS 17.4 this month, heralding its most substantial iPhone software update of the year thus far. Packed with a plethora of eagerly awaited features and changes, users are eagerly anticipating its arrival.

iOS 17 Unveiled: A Sneak Peek into the Future

As the countdown to the release date, projected to land by March 7, begins, users are bracing themselves for a transformative experience. Upon the update’s release, a simple trek to Settings ➝ General ➝ Software Update will set the wheels in motion for a new era of iPhone functionality.

A Glimpse into the Top 10 Innovations of iOS 17.4

  1. Podcast Transcripts: Apple is revolutionizing the podcast experience by introducing audio transcripts to the Podcasts app. Now, users can effortlessly follow along with their favorite podcasts, akin to perusing lyrics in Apple Music.
  2. Quantum-Resistant Messaging: In a bid to fortify iMessage against potential quantum attacks, Apple introduces the PQ3 cryptographic security feature. This groundbreaking protocol promises unparalleled defense against even the most sophisticated quantum threats.
  3. Next-Gen CarPlay Support: Prepare for the future of automotive connectivity with iOS 17.4’s support for next-generation CarPlay. A host of new apps, from climate control to electric vehicle charging status, will redefine the driving experience.
  4. Multilingual Siri Messages: Say hello to linguistic versatility as Siri gains the ability to read messages in languages distinct from its primary interaction language. Whether bilingual or learning a new language, users can now seamlessly navigate their message inbox.
  5. Enhanced Stolen Device Protection: iOS 17.3 introduced Stolen Device Protection, and iOS 17.4 builds upon it by implementing additional security measures, including location-based security delays, safeguarding user data even when the device is out of familiar territory.
  6. Live Activity for Stopwatch: Finally, the Clock app receives an overdue upgrade with Live Activity support for the Stopwatch feature. Keep track of time effortlessly with dynamic updates on the Lock Screen.
  7. Apple Cash Virtual Card Numbers: iOS 17.4 empowers users with the ability to generate virtual card numbers for Apple Cash transactions, ensuring seamless spending even in the absence of Apple Pay support.
  8. Cloud Gaming App Support: Bid farewell to restrictions as iOS 17.4 welcomes streaming game apps onto the App Store. Services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce NOW can now thrive as standalone apps, promising an immersive gaming experience.
  9. Contactless Payment Freedom: Third-party payment applications and banks within the European Economic Area can leverage the NFC chip in iPhones for contactless payments, offering users greater flexibility in choosing their preferred payment provider.
  10. Alternative App Store Accessibility: Embracing innovation, iOS 17.4 empowers EU users with the option to explore alternative app stores. From setting preferred app stores to enhanced parental controls, users are granted newfound freedom in app discovery.

As the iOS 17.4 update looms on the horizon, anticipation reaches fever pitch. With a slew of groundbreaking features poised to redefine the iPhone experience, users can hardly contain their excitement for what lies ahead.

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